About The Project


Vinnies (St. Vincent de Paul)

Goal: Create an app called VinnieXpress to help the user to locate nearest donation points, get notified on approach and to book collection in just a few clicks.

Industry: Charity

Duration: 15 Days

Collaboration: Gab Qurizen, Leanne Goldie and Ben Margerison

My Contribution: Research (Survey, Contextual Inquiry, Competitive Analysis, Affinity Mapping)

Sole Work: Sketches, Wireframing, Visual Design and Prototyping

Tools Used: Sketch and Marvell

About Vinnies


The St Vincent de Paul Society in Australia has more than 40,000 members and volunteers, who assist people in need and work to combat social injustice.


Why VinniesXpress?


Wardrobe overload - no space for new clothes you bought on Boxing Day.

Let's donate some old or unused clothes.


Sound familiar?


What did you do with the bags of clothes you already packed for donation? Did you leave them in your hallway at home? or perhaps they are still sitting in your car boot now as you are reading this case study?


I do it all the time. I tend to forget to drop off my donations for weeks. 


Do you want to join me to dig in more into the reason why such a simple task (dropping off a donation) could feel like a pain in the neck?


Meet my team of researchers and designers: Ben and Leanne (photo below). They both too forget to donate their clothes all the time. 


That makes us a bunch of forgetful donors! 

Handsome guy in blue denim: Ben

Pretty in yellow: Leanne

Colorful shirt with beard: Me

The Research

Who else is having the same problem? For our research, I sent out an online survey and these are the main results:

We also asked two open-ended questions:


1. What are the biggest challenges in delivering your donation to the store or drop off point?

2. How could the donation process be made easier for you?


The answers to these questions are displayed in the affinity map photo further down below.


The Client

So far it's all about the users. What about Vinnies (the business)?


We went to Vinnies on Oxford Street, Darlinghurst.

Leanne and I explored the store, who comes into the store, what products they sell, how much they are, and of course tried some clothes on whilst Ben busy interviewing this lovely shop volunteer in the back office.

Contextual Enquiry - Vinnies Oxford Street, Darlinghurst.

I hope you have enjoyed the photos! 
These are the client's quotes:
"We sold a lot but we don't have enough clothes coming in.
We are always running low on clothes."
"People always dump their donations outside our store and we get fined by the council as it's hazardous to the public. people might trip over. Reason being the store being closed and no proper donation bin for public access."
I cross checked those quotes with the survey answers to find out if they match.
To validate those findings, I went over to Vinnies' competitor websites to compare. 
They all have two common pain points: 

1. Users are can only organise donation collection the manual way. Either via phone or offline webform which required Vinnies confirmation.
2. Users are not able to locate donation bins on their website. Only through Google Maps.

We then began to synthesise the data we collected:

Product Vision

From our research, we identified eight key areas which can create unique selling points for the vinniesxpress app:


We had begun to understand our users in more depth. In order to clearly and concisely represent them, Ben and Leanne did a persona each:


Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

However, to achieve our MVP within the time remaining, we determined it would be best to focus on solving these key areas with our VinniesXpress App:

I named our app "VinniesXpress" as I felt that the word described how the app eased the search, navigation of Vinnies donation points,  reminders on points approach so users will be able to decide if he/she wants to stop and drop off the donations and to book collection service easily via he app.

Initial Prototype

From here we each design our own prototype. Check out mine below:

User Journey

Final Prototype User Testing​

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